Dolphin excursions range between 2 and 2,5 hours, with a pre-launch briefing on boat safety, marine life and responsible interactions. The trip includes snorkeling over one of our shallow reefs, in-water swim facilitation with one of our dolphin guides, and seasonal whale shark and humpback whale sightings. Dolphin in-water observations are not guaranteed due to sightings and the nature of the dolphins, and we do suggest booking more than one launch to have the opportunity to interact with our finned friends

Launches are run daily and subject to group size and sea conditions.

Group size is limited to a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 13

Booking in advance is essential

Snorkeling gear is included.

Rates: Pre-booked Dolphin Swim (1 dolphin excursion)

First excursion• Adult: From R420 per person • Under 12: From R370 per child

And additional R50 pp REEF TAX is added per first launch valid for duration of 7 days (Maritime Conservation Fees)

DOLPHIN TOURS – cater for those wanting more time on the water with our beautiful finned friends. These tours are simply three or four of our casual dolphin excursions set in a package. You receive these tours at a discounted rate, but the package excludes all the extras that come with the Dolphin Retreats.


Dolphin Tour (3 dolphin excursions) • Adult: From R1150 per person • Under 12: From R1000 per child


Book a 3 or 4 launch trip to get the full benefit of this amazing experience! This package is run over a few days and includes dolphin interactions, marine observations, educational lectures, pre-training snorkelling, accommodation (optional) and our finned friends gift pack.

We also offer various packages catering for individuals, groups, holistic retreats, corporate functions and team building. Three early morning excursions, one of which being an extended launch time. Pre-Launch ecology briefing, boat safety, marine life and responsible interactions.

Launches are run daily and subject to group size and sea conditions.

Comprehensive introduction to dolphin behaviour our and code of conduct

In water swim facilitation from one of our dolphin guides (if required)

Pre-training snorkelling Intro (if required)

Finned friends gift pack

Rates:   Dolphin Retreat 3 launch package (4 days) Adult: From R1600 per person / Under 12: From R1450 per child

Dolphin Retreat 4 launch package (5 days) Adult: From R1900 per person / Under 12: From R1700 per chi

What a launch involves: Meet at our centre at your given booking time, soft gear is handed out, indemnity form is signed, and the pre-launch briefing is watch. We then take you down to the beach with our people carrier and we all have a little fun pushing the boat into the water. Once all aboard boat, we take you towards the border line of South Africa and Mozambique giving you the opportunity to see the Lighthouse and Kosi Bay in the distance. We then start travelling North in search of dolphins. When we come across a pod of dolphins, our dolphin guide will either do on-boat observation or will slip into the water to further access the behaviour of the dolphins during which time you will be informed to gear up. The dolphin guide will give the go-ahead and only then will our guests slip into the water to encounter with the dolphins. Please do try not to make noise or splash and please swim with your arms to your sides. NO touching of the dolphins or any marine life and NO diving down during the dolphin encounter. If you are seen touching dolphins or any other marine life or diving down to the dolphins, you will be placed back on the boat for the duration of the trip. We then take you to a shallow reef normally outside Malongane for a short snorkel where diving down is allowed and thereafter we head back to the launch site

Booking Policy:

All Rates includes (R50 maritime tax) + hire of the snorkel gear for the duration of the launch.

All dolphin excursions are pre-booked in advance with full payment as confirmation.

Please note last minute cancellations will not be refunded, as you are liable for the pre-booked amount of people. Our Dolphin Retreat group size is a minimum of four. Make sure when making a booking that you allow for unfavourable sea conditions and give yourself an extra morning for just in case.

If however weather and sea conditions do not permit us to launch, we can either

re-schedule, or if this is not possible, then Dolphin Centre Management will issue a refund.


Our Whale Watching cruise offers you the most amazing thrilling life time opportunity to experience a cruise in search of the oceans magnificent Humpback Whale, rare sightings of the Southern Cross Whale and the Whale Shark whilst cruising upon the blue waters of Southern Mozambique. During the trip, you get to sight-see at a distant the magnificent coastline from Ponta Do Ouro to Ponta Malongane and also gives you the possibility to see turtle and ray and so much more whilst in search of these most magnificent giants of the ocean. Take this opportunity to bring along the whole family. No water entry will be permitted. The duration of the ocean cruise is approximately 2 hours. Enquire within as to what to bring along. We require minimum of 8 passengers to launch with the maximum of 10 passengers

From R500 pp

General Questions for Dolphin Swims, Dolphin Tours and Dolphin Retreats

What time do we launch?

Early morning is usually the best time to launch, as the wind tends to pick up throughout the day. We like to be on the ocean as early as possible to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Summer times from 05h00, Autumn from 06h00 & Winter from 07h00

What requirements do we need to swim with the dolphins or what experience is needed?

You need to be able to swim and use snorkelling gear, if you have never snorkelled before then please book one of our dolphin retreats which includes a snorkelling course.

What is your policy regarding rough seas?

It’s very difficult to spot dolphins when the sea is too choppy. Big swell can also make it difficult, as the dolphins tend to travel inshore close to the big waves where we cannot reach them. Safety and comfort of all on board the boat is our priority and we won’t take you out in conditions that are not suitable.

Do you cater for people with special needs?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for further details and to make necessary arrangements.

Can I swim with dolphins if I’m pregnant?

Yes, you can up until 6 months, weather conditions permitting. Also discuss the activity with your doctor.

What size are the groups that we go out with?

Minimum is 6 people and max is 13 per trip. If you are doing a full dolphin retreat minimum number is 4. We limit the groups to 13 to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Will we be allowed to touch the dolphins?

No, these are wild dolphins and it forms part of the Dolphin Centre regulated code of conduct that no touching is allowed. They come close enough so there is no need to touch them.

What are the age groups of participants?

Children as young as one year have joined us as well as elderly people up to the age of 80 (weather conditions permitting).

What can we expect to see on our trip?

All year round you will see our friendly pods of bottlenose dolphins. Humpback whales give us spectacular surface shows from July to November and Whale sharks glide along our backline in the summer months. If you’re lucky, you could possibly spot our rare indopacific humpback dolphins.

What about sharks?

We vary rarely ever spot any sharks on our dolphin excursions and it is most unlikely that we will see one. If by any chance we do see sharks it would be small reef sharks which are not a worry at all. Don’t let this be any deterrent to your desire to swim with the dolphins.

Can we feed the dolphins?

No, these are pods of wild dolphins that are perfectly capable of sourcing and catching their own food, so no feeding is permitted. We simply observe and interact with them as naturally as possible.

What equipment do you provide?

We provide masks, fins and snorkels. We do not provide wetsuits as we generally find that they are not necessary due to the warm temperature of the water.

What should I bring along?

Sunblock, bottle of water if needed and a towel. In winter we recommend a warm top or windbreaker. For those who really feel the cold you might want to bring along a scarf or a beanie. Ladies please try to avoid loose bikini bottoms and boob tubes. In summer you may want to wear a rash vest and board shorts over costumes for sun protection and general comfort.

What can I do to prevent seasickness?

If you know you are prone to getting seasick please bring along some motion sickness medication. The trick is to take one the night before your ocean experience and one the morning of the trip about an hour before departure. We also have Sturgeron available at the Dolphin Centre or you could try natural remedies such as ginger capsules or ginger tea before your launch.

Can I bring a camera along on my swim?

We do offer underwater photography at the Dolphin Centre, but you are more than welcome to bring along your own camera (if you have one with a waterproof casing). Cameras that don’t have a waterproof casing are brought along at your own risk. Please ensure that you put your camera into a bag for safety. Our only request is that you make sure the flash is off for all underwater footage of the dolphins.

Is there risk of Malaria in Ponta?

This area is considered very low risk and it is not necessary to take prophylactics. However, we do recommend you use mosquito repellent in the evenings as a precaution (natural remedies include citronella oils or candles). To date we have had no recorded cases of any malaria in Ponta do Ouro itself for the last 16 years.

Do you provide accommodation?

Yes. we do. Please see our website for details.

Turtle Monitoring – Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve

Between November and March, you can join one of Ponta do Ouro’s local beach monitors to visit a turtle nesting and hatching site on the beach. To witness the age-old spectacle of a female laying her eggs or the hatchlings emerging from the sand is something you’ll remember forever. Walks are scheduled according to the tide.

Quad Bike Booze Cruise

The booze cruise is a 3 hour guided quad bike trip from Ponta do Ouro to Ponta Malongane and back, stop

at 2-3 places (pubs) along the way. Maximum of 10 bikes per cruise.


From R450 per person sharing a bike

From R650 each person has their own bike

Tandem paragliding,
is weather dependent, we work on a first come first serve basis, once you sign the indemnity form and pay, you join the queue –  anyone who doesn’t get a chance to fly on the day will get a refund, they will not be rolled over to the next day. If they wish they can arrive again the next day and queue again

Each flight is 15min, age doesn’t matter only weight, depending on the wind conditions we can take from 10 years up to 100 years.

The rates are 5000mt and photos/video is an extra cost and depends on the pilot that is flying.

Q: how much does  the tandem paragliding cost.

A: we charge 4000mt

Q: How long is a flight?

A : flights are 15min long.

Q: where do you land?

A: we land onto where we took off from unless the conditions don’t allow it, then we land in front of the resort on the beach.

Q: is Tandem paragliding safe?

A: We have never had any injury; our pilots are highly experienced professionals with international certification and years of experience.

Q: can anyone fly tandem?

A: as long as you can fit into the harness safely and the wind conditions are favourable for your particular weight then you can fly, we have flown 6 year olds up to 70 year olds, and we have even flown quadriplegics and paraplegics visitors.

Q: what is the maximum weight passenger you can take?

A: as long as the wind conditions are favorable we can fly up to 120kg weighing passenger.

Q: what conditions are favorable for paragliding?

A: We have 2 sights NE and E, so we can fly within a range of wind conditions ranging from ESE to N at a wind speed of between 6 and 12 knots 8-10 knots being optimum.

OCEAN SAFARIS Cost: From R450.00 per person

1.5 hour boat cruise towards the SA border, light house, Ponta Malongane and back to the launch site.

We require a minimum of 6 passengers and a maximum of 14 passengers at .

SEAFARI Cost: R450.00 per person
Our Seafari’s are between 1.5 and 2 Hours, depending on sea conditions & what was found during the trip.

Join us as we take you on a journey around our coastline and go in search of Manta rays, whalesharks, turtles and birds. With a combined round trip of up to 30 km it’s advisable to bring a warm jacket for extra comfort. Not advisable for kids under 2. We may not swim or touch the dolphins but we can cruise slowly alongside them appreciating their beauty!

We require a minimum of 6 passengers and a maximum of 14

SNORKELLING TRIPS Cost: R550.00 per person
Our Snorkeling trips are between 2.5 and 3 Hours, and includes snorkel gear. Bring Warm jacket , towel and some drinking water.

Join us as we take you on a journey around our coastline and visit a few well known reefs and some unexplored reefs for an awesome day of snorkeling in paradise.

It’s approx. a 3 hour fun boat trip for the whole family. Our reefs range between 3 – 10 meters in depth with beautiful sub tropical fish and coral species to see.

We require a minimum of 6 passengers and a maximum of 14


It’s a +/- 2 ½  hour fun boat trip for the whole family, from Ponta Do Ouro exploring the beautiful coastline to a reef offering the best snorkel in the area and unexplored reefs. The reef is between 3 – 10 meters deep with beautiful colour full tropical reef fish and corals species.

We require a minimum of 6 passengers and a maximum of 14 passengers.

Techobanine is a very beautiful very untouched reef that is very shallow that on very very low tide some of it sticks out but is about 3 meters deep on the top and up to 10 meters deep at the bottom.  So for both the diver and snorkeler this is a fantastic reef.  It is about a 40minute boat ride from Ponta Do Ouro away and there is not much activity at this reef leaving it untouched and prestine with lots of sealife.  Snorkelers get close to honeycomb eals, ray’s and even turtles have been spotted there.

SUNSET CRUISE Cost: R450.00 per person

We depart 1.5 Hours before the setting of the sun to best enhance your experience! Join us on our very special and social sunset cruise. Experience the vibrance of colour cast upon our beautiful coastline as we absorb the stillness of the last hour of the day. An excellent stress reliever and social event for your friends and family.

Coolerboxes are restricted to one so please pack light and NO GLASS will be allowed on board the boat.

We require a minimum of 6 passengers and a maximum of 14. Bring a warm jacket for extra comfort.

FISHING CHARTERS offer a variety of daily fishing charters catering for the whole family with a maximum of 8 passengers per boat (T’s & C’s):

4 Hour Charters 1 – 6 people @ R4500.00 per boat.

Half day (6 hours) Charters 1 – 6 people @ R6500.00 per boat.

Full day (8 hours) Charters 1 – 6 people @ R8500 per boat.

Exclusive boats for less than 6 people is based on the price for 6 people on the boat

Night Fishing, Spearfishing charters and 50km offshore charters available

(No Bottom/reef fishing and we release all Bill fish)


We offer daily scuba diving for the beginner to the advanced diver. Single dives or dive packages and gear rental available.

Surcharge to Pinnacles or Bass City – R100.00  extra depending on the quantity of divers.

• Single Dive R 380.00

• Night Dive R 600.00

• Shark Dive R 600.00

(Pinnacles is classified one of the 8th top shark diving destinations in the world)

  • Single dive at R380.00 per dive.
  • 5 dive package at R1750.00 per diver, with gear R2000.00 per diver.
  • Night dive R600.00 per diver.
  • Shark Dive at R600.00 per diver.
  • Fluorescent dive R950 per diver
  • Pinnacle dive R500
  • Discover Scuba course at R1200.00 per person.
  • Open water course R4500.00 per person.
  • Advanced course at R4200.00 per person
  • Deep adventure dive R1200
  • Refresher R400
  • Passenger on boat R250

Full gear at R150.00 per dive

Hard gear R100.00 per dive

Cylinder hires at R70 for 12l, R80 for 15l, and 18l at R100 per dive.

Weight belt R50.00 per dive

Wetsuit Hire R 50.00 per dive

Reef tax is R 100.00 per diver it’s a once off payment and it’s valid for a week




• Theoretical introduction to equipment

• Equipment hire

• Swimming pool session

• Boat/sea dive

No qualification, but can count towards an Open Water One course. Person will be allowed to dive whilst in Ponta do Ouro, but has to dive with an instructor and no dives deeper than 12 meters will be allowed.


OPEN WATER ONE COURSE Cost: R4500.00 person


• Learning material

• Theory

• Session in swimming pool

• Hiring of equipment

• Documentation and registration

• Four boat/sea dives


Atlantis– Max 48m
Anchor– Max 21m
Bass City– Max 28m
Bread Loaf– Max 14m
Checkers– Max 19m
Creche– Max 14m
Doodles– Max 18m
Fingers– Max 14m
Kevs Ledge– Max 24m
Malongane Ledge– Max 55m
Mavericks– Max 28m
Pinnacles– Max 45m
Rianas Arch– Max 24m
Steps– Max 18m
Shallow Malongane– Max 14m
Steves Ledge– Max 17m
All rates are subject to change