Bilene Accommodation

Bilene, also known as Praia do Bilene, is a town in southern Mozambique, lying 140 kilometers northeast of Maputo in the province of Gaza It is known as a beach resort, lying on the Mozambique Channel. Noted for its calm and clear lagoon, the Uembje Lagoon, giving way to the pounding Indian Ocean beyond tall dunes, it is reported to be the closest beach destination to the city of Johannesburg in neighboring South Africa

Nghunghwa Lodge Southern Mozambique

Nghunghwa Lodge Southern Mozambique Nghunghwa Lodge Southern Mozambique  is built against a dune and therefore have walkways with stairs leading to each house. Elderly guests or guests with a health condition should first contact the lodge to discuss the availability of special care.

The lodge is situated on the southern banks of the Ujembe lagoon and require the use of 4×4 vehicles to reach the lodge by road.
If you do not want to drive around the lagoon or do not have a 4×4 vehicle, we can offer boat transfers from Bilene town and can assist with arranging parking in Bilene. Bilene town can be reached by tar road.


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