Kasens KS-N5200 – USB WiFi adapter with large antenna

But as they say, there is no limit to perfection. – while supporting WiFi 802.11 b/g/n up to 150Mbps.
I chose Kasens KS-N5200. This time the parcel went for quite a long time – more than 20 days, probably the rumors about the change in the delivery route are true. Here’s what came out of it… The adapter attracted with its, frankly, impressive characteristics: The adapter came in a modest brown cardboard box. Access to some sites is restricted on my local network at work, but it is possible to bypass this restriction by connecting to a free access point. Reception on the TP-Link TL-WN821N was better, but also remained unstable, but the D-link DWA-126 was at its best, providing a stable connection almost constantly. I ordered delivery https://jiji.ng/kosofe/musical-instruments/bass by Singapore Post.

Kasens KS-N5200 – USB WiFi adapter with large antenna

In an attempt to solve the reception problem, I tested several WiFi adapters, namely: TP-Link TL-WN821N (Atheros AR9170 chip), D-link DWA-525 (Ralink RT2860 chip), D-link DWA-126 (Atheros AR9271 chip) < /p> I was still not completely satisfied with the communication quality, so I became interested in adapters with large antennas, and decided to buy one of them.
The package included: a WiFi adapter combined with an antenna, a 5-meter armored miniUSB cable with ferrite rings, a software disk and instructions for hacking WiFi networks under the proud name "Wireless network security testing".

On the back of the box, the specifications of the adapter were listed, matching the description of the store. The DWA-525 performed the worst. – 80DBI antenna – 6600 mW power, The problem is that it is located several floors below, as a result of which the signal is rather weak.

Overview of 3D printers and 3D printing technologies

In addition to the cassette holder, I offer everyone a couple of little things for the household. In the https://jiji.com.gh/computers-and-laptops/samsung comments, I posted a model of such a box there and they advised me create your own topic so that more people can see and download the model.

Overview of 3D printers and 3D printing technologies

All models are my own. Hello everyone! Well, this topic 🙂 Let’s go 🙂 I’ll immediately explain why “different”: this review was written in hot pursuit of another review from another author — mysku.club/blog/diy/64151.html All of them are available for download at the end of the review.

Svbony SV28 monocular 25-75×70. Telescope at minimum

Here comes the moon:
There is not only a rubber cover for it, but also a full-size plastic one with a thread:
Focus adjustment: Chromatism and distortion in an explicit form, which cheap plastic binoculars suffer from, are absent here.
Other objects:
Again, it didn’t work out normally on a mobile phone, but even the tail was visible through the eyepiece. Enjoy the shopping!
And now the mass:
At a higher magnification, the picture shifts, the boundaries of the field of view are blurred.
This is the oldest model in the SV28 line, there are also options with a lens diameter of 50 and 60 mm. Increasing 50-75:
Multi-coated lens with a greenish tint. Eyepiece (40 mm diameter) with continuously adjustable magnification (x25-75 ) and a soft eyecup: But I looked at the comet С/2020 F3 Neowise: Assembly of the case is 4/5, there are places of uneven fit of parts.
the range is wide, and it’s good that the dimensions of the https://tonaton.co.ke/s_254-nose-and-ear-trimmers monocular do not change during adjustment.
Another Bryansk landscape: Declared protection against water according to the IP65 standard. Need to adjust focus. You can play spies. Let’s look at people: The https://jiji.co.ke/cars/mercedes_benz-s-class-2008 cars on the road can even see through corrosion: The product was provided for writing a review by the store. Let’s move on to the hero of the review Svbony SV28 25-75×70: Those flaws that are visible in the photo are a feature of shooting with a smartphone through the eyepiece of a monocular, with the eye the picture is sharper and juicier with outlined borders. View from the window: Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules
The tripod allows you to smoothly aim the monocular at the point of observation: It can be seen that the optimal magnification for working with the device is x25.
2.5 km to these houses.
With a 5" smartphone: It seems to me that the main purpose of such high magnification monoculars is to control the results of shooting, zeroing in optics and archery. Telescope at minimum

Retractable lens hood: Added.
This is an important parameter, optics is glass is primarily glass, and glass is heavy.

4.5 km to the crane:
Magnification 25: The magnification corresponds to the declared one: the diameter of the objective lens is 76 mm, and the diameter of the exit pupil varies from 1 to 3 mm: The constant cloudiness and the new moon prevented me from shooting the moon (there is a photo in the reviews on Ali).
And then birdwatching and the nearest astronomy of the solar system.

Svbony SV28 monocular 25-75×70 https://tonaton.com/s_256-bubble-bath. What can you say? — And the picture is not bad, especially during the day. Thank you for your attention. Installed smartphone holder: Bottom there is a platform with a threaded sleeve under 1/4" for a tripod, it is not easy to look into such a telescope with hands. Dimensions: 360x90x90 mm Soft-touch plastic, and the lens and lens hood are made of hard plastic.