Vodacom – your holiday internet in Mozambique 📲💻

Today I realized that the Vodacom Agents in Ponta are really taking chances. That’s why I want to share this:

You can get 2,2 GB for 220 mts (=48 Rand) (and NOT 140 Rand)

How does it work ?

You buy AIRTIME for 220 mts and convert it into data.

It works easy:

Switch off mobile data (to avoid browsing out of bundle)
scratch the code clear or get a printed code voucher. What you have to dial is printed on the vouchers. It is:

Step 1:

*100*01* the Code (12 Numbers)#dial

That adds the airtime to your number

Step 2:

Enter the Menu

*111# dial
10. Change language (from Portuguese to English)
4. Internet
2. weekly bundle & and choose the package.

Step 3:
Switch on mobile data

Step 4:
Surf 🏄♀ surf 📲 Surf 💻

The guys with the Vodacom shirts will probably tell you, they sell you data like 1 GB or 2 GB. BUT … they charge 70 Rand (320 mts.) for 1 GB or 2 GB 140 Rand (640 mts.) what is 3 times more than what it is supposed to cost 😎 if they tell you they don’t have airtime anymore .. ask the next one .. there are enough running around.

There is also a so called WFT package – which is

what’s app +
Facebook +

It is 50 mts (10 Rand) for 7 days – a real bargain !

You also find it under the Internet options. (Menu: *111#dial. Choose 4. – Internet. Choose 1 – WFT. Choose 2. WFT 50 MT)

👇🏼 look at the pics 👇🏼

Please share this with your friends visiting Ponta do Ouro ❤🇲🇿

And maybe bring your old SIM card and see if it’s still working or ask friends that came back and use theirs.

Reason 1: one electronic chip less garbage
Reason 2: one plastic card less garbage
Reason 3: Ponta Vodacom agents charge 20 rand for a SIM card which costs normally 20 mts 😀

Enjoy your trip !