Border Control

At the border post you will need:

  • Your PASSPORT (must be valid for 6 months to come).
  • NB: Please make sure that your passport has been stamped on BOTH sides of the border (SA & Mozambique).
  • Please note that the SA government no longer issues temporary passports. However if you do still have a valid one it will be accepted at the border.
  • 3rd party insurance, plus temporary import duty of approx. R220.00 for your vehicle.
  • Temporary import license should you be towing a boat/trailer/wet bike etc. This will be in the region of R120.00.
  • Drivers of South African-registered cars crossing SA borders must carry and present a certified copy of vehicle registration/vehicle licence papers at the border posts. This must be accompanied by a letter from the bank giving authorisation to take the vehicle across the border and must indicate dates of travel. Both the bank letter and licence papers should be signed by a Commissioner of Oaths.
  • If the driver of the vehicle is not the owner of the vehicle, an affidavit from the police giving authorisation from the financial institution/owner to take the vehicle abroad is required. If the car is rented, the driver must have a letter from the rental company giving permission to take the vehicle out of the country.
  • A letter of permission from your vehicle insurance company stating that you may take your car into Mozambique and will still remain covered whilst there.
  • Visas: Please check with the Mozambican embassy whether your nationality requires a visa. Passport holders from countries that DO NOT require visas include: Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  • We continue to recommend that international travellers pre-apply for visas as we want to ensure all our guests arrive without any issues. In the instance when there is no consulate in the home country, or for last-minute travel, a visa can be obained at the border (Approx. R900.00) Travel documentation is essential to prove the visit is tourism related. Items such as (return ticket, accommodation confirmation or invitation letter) are normally considered adequate.
  • Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the day you enter Mozambique.
  • Please note that as of 1 June 2015 all children under the age of 18 must present an unabridged birth certificate  (shows both parents’ names) along with their passport at immigration. Children who do not have the correct documentation will not be allowed to leave South Africa. If children are not travelling with their own parents/one parent a letter of consent from the parents/other parent will need to be presented in the form of an affidavit.
  • Visitors are exempt from paying import duty on personal effects, sporting and recreational equipment and food and consumables as follows: 2.25 litres wine, 1 litre spirits, 200 cigarettes, 100 cigarillos, 50 cigars, 250 ml eau de toilette, 50 ml perfume and US$50.00 per person of “other goods” which would include groceries.
  • Please be aware that border officials may insist on presentation of purchase receipts on goods being transported cross border.


  • Due to current electricity problems in the area it is a good idea to pack torches, gas lamps, gas burners, car fridges etc to sustain you during down times.
  • Ponta do Ouro is classified as a low risk malaria area – please speak to your GP regarding the necessity of precautionary medication. You will need to pack mosquito deterrents such as Tabard, Peaceful Sleep, Doom coils etc.
  • WEATHER: Ponta do Ouro is warm all year round with an average temperature of 28 degrees celsius. Rain mostly occurs November – April and typically during this time it can be very hot and humid.
  • Although it is possible to buy basic groceries in Ponta do Ouro it is advisable to bring the bulk of your supplies from home. There is a bottle store that sells alcoholic beverages, bottled water and soft drinks.
  • Luka’s Butchery sells a large variety of meat, spices, marinades, salad dressings and sauces. They can also do spit braai functions as well as provide ready made salads. Other items in stock: sweets, chocolates, cheese, milk, cream, ice-cream, eggs, coffee, sugar, juices, basic camping equipment, mosquito repellants, bait and lures.
  • The local market sells basic fruit, vegetables, dry groceries, peri-peri sauce, wood, charcoal and bread.
  • The water in Ponta do Ouro is not fit for drinking and can at times have a brownish colour and rusty smell. This water is fine for showering etc but bottled water should be used for drinking.
  • There is a curio market that sells lovely handmade products. Please be aware that the SA government prohibits wooden items to be transported across the border and so goods are often confiscated at the border post.
  • Other items that may be confiscated at the border when returning to SA are: Fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.
  • South African Rands, Mozambican Meticais and US Dollars are accepted in town. Credit cards are widely accepted however there are often problems with Mastercards. VISA cards are preferred. There is a bank in town square with an ATM.

za sign aaIt is compulsory for any South African vehicle, caravan or trailer to have a ZA sign displayed when it crosses any of the borders. The ZA sign must be placed on the rear of each vehicle, caravan and trailer in a visible position and may not be within 150mm of the rear number plate.

towing triangleWhen travelling in Mozambique with a vehicle in tow, you are required to display a set of blue & yellow warning triangles. One triangle must be placed on the front right bumper of the vehicle and the other on the rear of the vehicle towed.

red triangle reflectorsWhen travelling with any South African registered vehicle in Mozambique you will need to have a set of red warning triangles in your possession.

Regulations as follows:

  • Each side of your triangle must be 500mm long and 50mm wide, with a thickness of roughly 5mm.
  • The triangle must be uniformly-covered in red reflective material.
  • The back of the triangle must either be uniformly white, or have a 5mm-wide white border.
  • The edge of the triangle must be yellow.
  • The reflective surfaces must be well-maintained.
  • The triangle must be visible from at least 100m in the presence of light.

Valcro Safety Relector jacketsIt is now compulsory for motorists to carry the reflective jackets when travelling to Mozambique. Your reflective vest must be made from polyester and it must be closable at the front and adjustable on all sides. The vest must be equipped with polyvinyl reflective strips, no less than 40mm wide, in yellow or green on the front, to the sides, and on the back of the vest. The vest must be worn when at the scene of a car accident, when repairing your vehicle on the side of the road, and when reloading cargo that has fallen from your vehicle on to the road.

REMEMBER : Plan your travelling carefully! The border post closes at 17h00 and only opens again at 08h00!!